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In St. Petersburg, held annually dozens of interesting cultural events. Unfortunately, their coverage in English at this time. Therefore, we recommend you use the Russian version and an online dictionary.

Фонтаны Петергофа Famous fountains of Peterhof
At 10 am from the mouth of a lion bared cock a column of water to a height of 21 meters, then blossoming flower grow eight jets from the jaws of dolphins ...
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Due to its geographical proximity, St. Petersburg provides tourists a unique opportunity to visit Scandinavia. Tours are organized both on ships along the coastline, and excursions to some of the country.

The most popular are the following areas:

Andersen Copenhagen
No baby, do not read fairy tales by Andersen. And adults often return to them, reread, finding in them a whole new meaning. Why not go out into the city of St. Petersburg Andersen, taking advantage of geographical proximity? ..

Stockholm from St. Petersburg - economically
Get to visit Carlson cheaper, of course, with a propeller on his back. Because fuel - only jam. But if you're unlucky with the anatomy and you do not have a propeller, the output still available. You can take part in an organized tour from St. Petersburg ...

Lapland from St. Petersburg - a visit to Santa Claus
You are free to go to Finland, and even visit the village of Santa Claus on a hill Korvatunturi eight kilometers from the town of Rovaniemi to the north - there is just crossing the Arctic Circle and the road going north ...

Travel to Oslo
Aircraft from St. Petersburg company's low coast Norwegian Air Shuttle flies to Oslo at 14 o'clock, and arrives back in 14 hours too! A ticket costs around 92 euros - there and back 107 euros. And keep in mind that food and drinks on board the ship in the ticket price does not include ...

In the footsteps of Eric Red's on the largest island in the world
Although Greenland is owned by the Kingdom of Denmark and acquires autonomy grain by grain for many years, it is located far away from Denmark. Only the plane can fly. First, from St. Petersburg to get to Helsinki by bus ...

Cruise the Baltic Sea
Cruise - one of the most romantic of holidays. Sea, seagulls, sun loungers on the deck, enthusiastic young lady, admiring the water, swirling with screws ... A change of impressions? Every day - new port ....

Regarding the organization of such trips to other countries suggest contacting travel agencies.


1 The white nights of Petersburg
As they are beautiful... Every one should at least see the bridges of white at night.
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2 Alumni Celebration Red Sails
A wonderful celebration of youth and excitement for all graduates and guests of St. Petersburg.
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