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In St. Petersburg, held annually dozens of interesting cultural events. Unfortunately, their coverage in English at this time. Therefore, we recommend you use the Russian version and an online dictionary.

Фонтаны Петергофа Famous fountains of Peterhof
At 10 am from the mouth of a lion bared cock a column of water to a height of 21 meters, then blossoming flower grow eight jets from the jaws of dolphins ...
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Red Sails

In the hard, hungry 20s of last century, the Russian writer Alexander Grin has created one of the most romantic, vibrant and bright book of love, hope, and youth - "Scarlet Sails". In 1961 he came home with the same name the film, from 1969 to 1979gg. youthful dreams of happiness, miracles and faith in life are embodied in St. Petersburg final celebration of youth - "Scarlet Sails". It all started with the Palace of Pioneers, and several schools and has grown to the size of a giant light-water-music performances, slyvuschego one of the biggest ideas of this kind carried out in open water. Amount of viewers have long passed on millions, if we add more and live coverage from the show - a grand spectacle, hosted by the Petrograd authorities for its graduates is impressive.

Celebration Red Sails in St. Petersburg, the main ship passage "Shtandart" under crimson sails, accompanied by his escort boat, jetski, by specially installed pontoons with fireworks, firing designs and fountains, relieve some mobile TV stations and about a hundred cameras located on the ships on the water skyscrapers in the city, fortress, etc. .. Sam frigate enters the external beams of searchlights illuminated from the inside and deck lighting installations. All the action is accompanied by live music, symphony orchestra, in recent years, the music for this event was specially written, and even invite popular domestic and foreign artists. Although the same hymn, "Scarlet Sails" is an overture for the film "Children of Captain Grant" Dunayevsky. A holiday itself after a long break was reinstated in his rights to 2005 year citywide and even recently recorded in the register of event tourism in the world where recommended for visits to EU countries.

The Palace and the Admiralty Quays, Vasilievsky Island are fitted in advance the necessary acoustic and lighting equipment, all of St. Petersburg is decorated with posters of the dominant word "Russia - the land of opportunity." That's it - the belief in a bright adult life, soulful passionate dream, true love, the possibility of miracles, and represents the following Green's novel of the same name frigate, sliding along the Neva River to the rumble of the fireworks extravaganza of light effects and inspiring music.

Korbal on the Neva River at the Red Sails Festival multimedia architecture uses all symbolic landmarks of the central part of St. Petersburg. Peter and Paul Fortress and Rostral columns are decorated with glowing Vasilevsky Island torches involved in the general movement of the light playing on a site a half square miles. By the spectacle was recently added more and pyrotechnic waterfall (500 m) on the Troitsky Bridge.

Incidentally, this bridge - the only divorce that night, because it is beneath him and goes "Shtandart." By the way, this ship was not the only honorable role of the romantic period of time in the frigates played a few boats. In 2010, the show has been enriched and 6-D large boats, converted into a self-moving platform with the fireworks, pyrotechnics and water cannons. In general, each year the festival "Scarlet Sails" grow both technically and spectacular, more and more people willing to contemplate this astounding fairy fire and water.

Alumni Celebration in St. Petersburg by the established rule of the Palace Square at night is given only to graduates, parents and teachers. This is their holiday - they become adults, with Assol and Gray are in the Hereafter.

For every young generation, a graduate school, "Scarlet Sails" Crowned capital of Russia again "remembers" the imperial power, brightness and noise of festivities, with the scope of which is unmatched by any other city.

Holiday "Scarlet Sails" is also a concert at the Palace (by invitation) and Arrow of Vasilevsky Island (for everyone) that precede water show.

View and take part in this most wonderful celebration of youth as you can with the embankments of the Neva, and from the ships, offering their services on this night.


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2 Alumni Celebration Red Sails
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