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In St. Petersburg, held annually dozens of interesting cultural events. Unfortunately, their coverage in English at this time. Therefore, we recommend you use the Russian version and an online dictionary.

Фонтаны Петергофа Famous fountains of Peterhof
At 10 am from the mouth of a lion bared cock a column of water to a height of 21 meters, then blossoming flower grow eight jets from the jaws of dolphins ...
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The white nights of Petersburg

And, not letting the darkness of the night
The golden sky,
One other change dawn
In a hurry, giving the night half an hour.

Here's to you, and poetic definition of the Romantic period in the life of "Northern Palmyra" - White Nights. That's because St. Petersburg - the northern city, like a natural phenomenon is present here a few weeks - from 10th of June and early July.

White nights in Peterburg turned into "white", because at this time on the ground surface drops reflected from the upper atmosphere light of the sun, gone over the horizon line. Or in the words of the poet - is almost the same time of the evening and dawn. And in fact it's only twilight, and does not lose its muted lighting, regal and majestic city is chosen such a poetic name - the white nights.

So the geography of Peterburg luxurious natural climatic phenomenon that has become almost immediately famous symbol of the city on the Neva, his romantic - a sensual and aesthetically-spectacular "business card".

Darkness, and is associated with the night, longing, burgeoning without sunlight, leaving the northern capital, giving residents and visitors a sense of joy, magic and delight. In these nights is really impossible to sleep, almost non-stop light in the streets as if the physical strength and prolong a person - you want to walk, sing, fall in love ...

St. Petersburg's White Nights inspired writers, brushes, always sound.

Photos of the bridge of St. Petersburg during the White Nights White Nights month red
Comes up in blue.
Haunting ghostly beautiful,
Reflected in the Neva River.

I dream of foreseeing and
Executed in secret thoughts
- Alexander Blok wrote.

Note that it is secret, ie, intimate, almost intimate, those located in the heart and cause it to seek and give love. In classic Russian literature, Dostoevsky is a sentimental novel "White Nights" of love as always - a passionate, as it happens - unrequited, and as it should be - beautiful. Only in this town, just at a time of white nights and could happen to such a hero - a dreamer and a height of feelings arise.

That's why the white nights of St. Petersburg just redundant romance, poetry and beauty. Therefore, during this summer, the city crowded with tourists who want to here, forget about summer resorts, and seas. Strict monumental, majestic power of St. Petersburg as it softens delicate cloud of dusk, and dressed in such "impressionistic fashion," she reveals the viewer with another party.

White Nights has always provided endless credit to the human soul of beauty and tenderness, and even under Stalin in this period were in Leningrad symphony music in the squares of the city.

Since the beginning of the 90s, with the return of his former royal name, St. Petersburg was in the Imperial generously opened their treasures to the public. During white nights filled with cultural programs, travel services, recreational activities.

Divorce bridges, boat launches and steamers, and various tours of the city at night by bus, beach clubs, park rides, and of course the promenade along the Nevsky. Conducted and citywide celebrations at the end of May - Day of the city, then the White Nights Festival (classical music, opera, ballet), "Scarlet Sails" - a magical sight for high school graduates, July 3, plus holiday Dostoevsky almost daily impromptu concerts and meeting on the embankments and areas.

So, visit St. Petersburg during the White Nights, you will feel the effect on his metaphor of a "waking dream" - it will remain in your memory all the impressions and memories of this great city in Russia.


1 The white nights of Petersburg
As they are beautiful... Every one should at least see the bridges of white at night.
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2 Alumni Celebration Red Sails
A wonderful celebration of youth and excitement for all graduates and guests of St. Petersburg.
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